Black Friday at Black Forest 2017


It's that time of year again where we turn prices upside down. We've got all of your favorite maintenance parts on sale, to help battle those demodogs that are lurking in your engine bay. We've got our brand new Version 2 of our Clean Catch Oil Separators (just released) on sale, excellent for capturing those elusive and terrifying smoke monsters. Our ABA and VR6 PEM modules are a whopping 30% off and they also now include a copy of "Dragon's Lair" burned onto the chip as well. Our BBS wheel lips are 15% off, so shiny that they'll make your nose bleed. These are just a few of our deals, check out the entire list below to see all of the savings, but you better act fast before these deals return to the nether from whence they came!

Sale starts Monday 11 / 20  through Monday 11 / 27 Certain exclusions apply

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