Add a touch of retro class to your engine bay by installing this BFI stamped steel valve cover. Not only does this old school cover look great but it is also extremely functional. An integrated baffle alleviates the need for a cam cover, while the two threaded bungs allow for a variety of catch can set-ups or breathers (bungs are ORB-10*). Available raw, or yellow zinc at no additional charge.

F O R   A  L I M I T E D  T I M E  O N L Y  W H I L E  S U P P L I E S  L A S T  -  $ 8 9 . 9 9  reg $ 9 9. 9 9

*For Mk1 CIS 8v applications, the throttle cable will require retrofitting in order to properly route the cable to the throttle body.

**For MK3 8v applications, a slight bit of trimming is necessary as well as the use of a short runner intake manifold for installation. Will not fit with stock manifold!

vc9 vc8 vc7 vc6

Raw finish

vc5 vc4 vc3

Painted Gold , installed on MK1 turbo diesel for several thousand miles

vc1 vc2

rare vw 8v valve cover

March 11, 2014