The 2014 APR distributor conference was filled with technological and engineering improvements to existing products, as well as a long list of new and soon-to-be released products. Below we have highlighted just a few of the more notable developments that have been underway behind closed doors in Auburn, Alabama.

APR Mobile: APR announced that the forthcoming version of the APR Mobile software for android devices will soon be released - along with a slew of new features that will make APR mobile the most powerful Can-bus tool solution available. Features like Long-coding and car-specific tweaks to APR software will allow you to take complete control of your VAG vehicle. Think of this as an alternative to Vag-Com that is much more robust, powerful, and user friendly. Ultimately their goal is to allow for quick and simple changes to ECU, including comfort and convenience modules through a much more user friendly interface. This is truly the future of tuning, and APR is way ahead of the curve here in their development. The APR Mobile Dongle is already available for purchase and as new features are completed they can easily be updated due to the modular architecture.


Audi R8 Supercharger:

APR announced the official release of their R8 4.2 TVS1740 supercharger kit. The most complex kit they have released to date (comprising of over 293 individiual components) will give any 4.2 R8 owner the power to outrun the 5.2 V10 version of the R8. With over 600+ crank hp on 93 octane and 660+hp with 100 octane, this supercharger delivers hypercar performance to the base model R8


DSG Flashing:

The biggest anouncement of the conference was the release of APRs new DSG software. With industry leading features at a competitive price, this port-flashable update allows for features like user-only manual gear selection, Gear position display in-MFD, quicker shifts, increased smoothness of shifts and a raised max shift redline. Available soon via DPP through all authorized APR dealers (including Black Forest Industries)


APR also released all new versions of the TSI GTX turbo kits - as well as a new High Output file for the TSI K04 and Golf R. Utilizing a 3 bar map sensor and including for the first time ever torque limiting code to allow for better traction in lower gears - these new kits/software will prove to be both the most powerful and quickest yet.


APR Distributor Conference - 2014

February 24, 2014