Tired of not having BBS Centercaps on you Motorsport E88 BBS wheels? Sick of looking at those boring Audi centercaps on your OE spec BBS CH wheels, but cant find a cap that fits? Are you looking for a ready-made solution for your BBS wheels? Our BBS center cap adapter kit will give you a spectacular effect and a perfect fit. Available in your choice of either brushed aluminum or polished finish. Finally give those BBS wheels the branding they deserve with our easy-to-install solution!

Each Center Cap Adapter set comes with all hardware necessary for install.

Our adapter sets for BBS wheels are machined from 6061-T5611 aluminum, and hand brushed, or fully polished for a seemless OEM look.  Refined details and high-quality workmanship will give your wheels a new shine and bring your rims back to their original look. The aluminum alloy used is stronger and lighter than those commonly used in automotive parts. We've given our adapter kits a distinctive and expressive design so that you can stand out from the crowd. 

*Please note - adapters are tested for listed fitments. Product may be suited for other models but fitment verification will be needed.

BFI Center Cap Adapter for BBS Wheels (OEM Audi/VW Center Caps)

Product Details

Verified fitment for 56mm BBS wheel caps: RM, CH, RX, RA, RK, RW, SR

Rim size: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Sold in sets of 4. Center caps are not included.

BFI BBS E88 Center Cap Adapter

Product Details

Verified fitment for 70.6 mm 3-Tab BBS wheel caps: E88

Rim size:  18, 19,

Sold in sets of 4. Center caps are not included.