New BFI Engine Mount Spacers for MK5/6/7/8 VW Golf/Jetta

Tired of smashing those expensive oil pans on your MK5 - MK8 Golf or Jetta? Looking to gain a bit of extra clearance, but don't want to raise your car up?

These engine mount spacers are the perfect option as they are a quick and simple install that give you an additional 17mm of clearance. Sold as a kit of 1 spacer plate, 1 replacement transmission mount boss, and 2 dogbone sleeves. These spacers install between your engine mounts and your engine mount brackets and are fastened with the included longer, and most importantly, upgraded 10.9 hardware. Additionally, these spacers are fully clear anodized for corrosion resistance and long lasting durability. Our spacers will last a lifetime. 

- One 17mm spacer plate 
- One replacement Transmission Boss 
- Two 17mm dogbone spacer sleeves
- Upgraded 10.9 hardness hardware 


Unlike your factory transmission boss (console) which is cast, this engine mount spacer kit comes with a billet machined console, made from 6061-T6. Our billet lift spacers are many times stronger than their factory counterpart. Regardless of the situation, you can drive with the knowledge that these parts are strong enough to take whatever you throw at them.


If you have ever had the misfortune of taking your engine mounts on and off multiple times, you'll know that the factory aluminum threads aren't up to the task of repeated removal and torqueing. Over time, these formed aluminum threads weaken and often start to pull, damaging the threaded hole, or increasing the ease of a cross-thread install. To address this issue, we designed our lift spacers to include Heli-Coil stainless steel thread inserts, making the thread connection stronger and repeatedly removeable if necessary.

BFI MK5/6 (PQ35) - Mount Spacer Kit

OEM Mounts (Manual) - $399.99

OEM Mounts (DSG/Auto) - $329.99 

BFI V2 Mounts (Manual) - $399.99

BFI V2 Mounts (DSG/Auto) - $329.99

BFI MK7/8 (MQB) - Mount Spacer Kit

OEM & BFI V2 Mounts (Manual) - $399.99

OEM & BFI V2 Mounts (DSG/Auto) - $329.99