Shift into Savings to Start the Season!

The weather is slightly warming up, and in North Carolina we are getting our first hints of pollen. That means spring is just a few weeks away. What better way to prepare for spring then  with great prices on upgrades for your vehicle. We take pride that our parts are sought after aftermarket additions to some of the nicest cars on the road. So, to show our appreciation, we would like to offer everyone the chance to get their very own Black Forest parts at a reduced rate to kick off show season! Starting on the 1st of March and running till the 23rd we will be offering 10% off nearly our entire catalog! Shift knobs, Engine/Transmission Mounts, Wheel Spacers and more!

Shift Paddles

Improve the look and feel of your DSG or Auto equipped VW/Audi with a set of our full replacement shift paddles. All of our paddle replacements are milled from billet aluminum anodized and finished with a mini BFI logo coin. Every one of our full replacement shift paddles are illuminated just like the factory paddles.

Audi fitments from 2012 to 2022 are now Available! and 10% off during our shift into spring

Engine / Transmission Mounts

Improve the performance of your Volkswagen, Audi or BMW this Spring with a set of new BFI Engine andTransmission Mounts! The core of our product catalog since 2006 there is no better way to upgrade the feel, and tactile response of your engine. No more wobbly shifts, no excess movent and an improved feel and response to throttle input, not to mention, less wheel hop.

From March 1st to 15th all of our new fitments are on sale as well: MK8 specific mounts, Tiguan, Atlas and Arteon are all now Available and on sale till March 15th! 

Shift Knobs & Shift Boots 

Increased weight, a solid feel and add to that improved looks of your shift knob,  its hard to argue against a replacement shift knob. Give yourself the chance to decrease shift times, and make your interior stand out. And to bring it all together; a replacement shift boot, in your choice of OE Leather or Alcantara, always finishes off the shift console in a way that no Vinyl boot ever could. A myriad of material and stitch colors give you the opportunity to make your interior unique.

With new fitments nearly every week, we are always expanding our catalog - the newest being the A90 manual Supra fitment that is NOW available and on sale!

Wheel Spacers

A simple change to your cars stance can make a huge difference, 10mm can give your vehicle a more agressive stance that stock just couldn't pull off. We love wheel spacers, and use them on most of our cars to get that track just right. But of course there are many reasons you could use a pair (or two) of wheel spacers. Brake clearance, tire fitment, an increase to track width for better handling. Whatever you need a set of spacers for, we have a set ready for you, at a discounted price till March 15th.