BFI Waterfest 22 Event Coverage

Event Coverage



We made the drive up to Waterfest this year to drop off a shipment and help out our friends at New German Performance.  Typically we would have an entire team with us in our own booth, but this year we focused on helping NGP spread the word and inform customers about BFI products.  Even though it was nice and hot, with a surprise storm on Saturday, we still had a great time meeting new people, and seeing old friends.  We were able to answer a ton of questions, as well as put some faces to names with a lot of our online customers. Highlights from the trip this year included the always popular burnout competition (that included donuts this year, mmmm),  watching some amazing cars drag racing, and of course, eating giant sandwiches every chance we got.  On the way back home, we made a quick stop at VW/Audi HQ for a little tour of their office.   Getting stuff all ready to roll for the show over the weekend.

Waterfest2016_Setup_VF Waterfest2016_Setup_VF2

Had to take a break and hang out on top of the NGP trailer and watch Orchid Euro set up. 


We brought out our newest lineup of shift knob including the GS1R Red Anodized Knob, the GS2M Magma Shift Knob, and the limited pre-production GBK Weighted Golf Ball Knob.


A little TDI swapped Caddy action.

Waterfest2016_Caddy_VF Waterfest2016_Corrado_VF Waterfest2016_DragStrip_VF

After about five minutes of watching this Passat get redlined during the burnout contest, the judges decided it was enough, and told him to cut it out. 


None of us expected this little Audi to bust out the best donuts of the weekend.  It's clear why he won the burnout contest. 

It seems like Jamie from Orchid Euro is always in front of a camera.  This time he's being interviewed by Volkswagen about all of the rad stuff he's got going on.

Waterfest2016_Jamie_VF Waterfest2016_GreenMK3Jetta_VF Waterfest2016_ImolaB7_VF Waterfest2016_MK4_VF Waterfest2016_MK4_VF2 Waterfest2016_MK6GolfFlares_VF

Spotted a Maxton Design front bumper splitter in the wild!  We are the exclusive dealer in the US of Maxton Design products.


Sometimes you just have to install a brand new lip when you get to the show.  Driving down to New Jersey from NYC can be a bit rough on low cars. 

Waterfest2016_Porsche_VF2 Waterfest2016_Porsche_VF Waterfest2016_Q5_VF

This is a green car.

Waterfest2016_S3_VF Waterfest2016_TyrolMK6_VF 

On the way back to Cary from New Jersey, we got a chance to stop by Volkswagen/Audi headquarters to say hello to some friends and take a quick look around. 

Waterfest2016_VWoA_Sign_VF Waterfest2016_BFITruck_VF

Down on the first floor there are two sections dedicated to showing off cars from both VW and Audi.

Waterfest2016_VWoA_B5A4_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_R8_VF

We all know carbon fiber = fast.


It seems that Audi may have won a few awards over the years. 

Waterfest2016_VWoA_Awards_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_DasAuto_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_GLI_VF

One of the coolest things about the office was the design.

Waterfest2016_VWoA_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_VF2

At first we thought these were nap pods.  Unfortunately they are just for private conversations.


On the Audi floor they managed to get this R8 LMP900 in by removing the windows.  We are pretty sure it's not going anywhere for a while.

Waterfest2016_VWoA_LeMans_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_LeMans_VF2 Waterfest2016_VWoAWing_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_MK7GTIRR_VF

Once we made it outside we found this Bugatti Veyron hidden in the bottom of a parking deck along with a ton of other awesome cars.

Waterfest2016_VWoA_Bugatti_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_BugattiFront_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_BugattiWheel_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_BugattiBadge_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_BugattiEngine_VF

Volkswagen of America keeps all sorts of cool cars around that you wouldn't expect.


Some old school cool with this Karmann Ghia.

Waterfest2016_VWoA_Karmaan_VF2 Waterfest2016_VWoA_Karmaan_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_Karmaan_VF3 Waterfest2016_VWoA_Rocco_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_WolfsburgFlap_VF

Custom Mocha Latte RS7 with the ridiculously awesome Audi Ceramic brakes. 

Waterfest2016_VWoA_S7Mocha_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_S7MochaBrakes_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_S7MochaRear_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_S7MochaWheels_VF

It seems that Volkswagen is trying to get more in touch with the enthusiast community with a few of their show cars.

 Waterfest2016_VWoA_MK7PurpRear_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_MK7PurpFront_VF

Who doesn't need a bright yellow TT-S?


The Pretoria wheels that the MK7 crowd keeps talking about seem to be coming to the US in 2017. 

Waterfest2016_VWoA_MK7R_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_S4IbisRear_VF Waterfest2016_VWoA_S4Ibis_VF

Then there's all of the stuff you aren't allowed to see that hides behind this door.


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