BFI x ARP M7x32mm Stainless Wheel Bolts


With the somewhat recent explosion of the aftermarket wheel industry, a new demand has come for the absolute best, and highest quality parts for today's complex and exaggerated wheel builds. A wheel is only as strong as its weakest link, and often times with the added stresses imparted by upconverted, and very wide wheel builds, that link is the wheel bolts. Your original hardware was never intended to be used in such extreme circumstances, and for the sake of durability, safety and performance we have joined forces with ARP hardware the leading fastener manufacturer in the industry.

ARP is known for producing the strongest bolts possible for various automotive applications, so they were the natural choice for these previously unavailable M7 x 32 mm Stainless Steel wheel bolts.  The science and precision behind their hardware is unparalleled. Their quality control is second to none and their advanced techniques cannot be matched by any competitor. Simply put, these are the best bolts money can buy. The bolts are now offered exclusively by Black Forest Industries and can be found in our webstore. These bolts fit BBS / OZ / RH / ARTEC and many other applications.

DSC_5767 DSC_5768 DSC_5769

BFI x ARP M7x32mm Stainless Wheel Bolts

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