Last Saturday, June 14th we had the pleasure of hosting the local chapter of the BMW CCA (Car Club of America) to our shop here in Cary, N.C. The event started promptly at 9 am where all of the guests were treated to a large spread of Dunkin' Donuts and coffee to get things started off right. From there we moved onto our tech session consisted of a couple of BMW E46 cars that were on display, one of which we used to demonstrate our own BFI Polyurethane Engine Mounts, so that people could see how they were installed and where they went on their vehicle. Engine mounts are not always the easiest to see, and this was particularly helpful for those who had a harder time visualizing, and had little to no experience with these parts. The other E46 was the first of several Spec E46 race cars to be built for the upcoming race series of the same name. This particular car was fresh from the cage builder Competition Cages. During the session, the car received the spec suspension, as well as upgraded engine mounts.

DSC_2175 DSC_2176 copy DSC_2177 copy

Explaining the merits of what an upgraded engine mount can do for you.

DSC_2178 copy

A look at the fresh cage recently installed by Competition Cages.

DSC_2179 copy DSC_2180 copy DSC_2181 copy

The Spec E46 series suspension that was installed on the race car per the rules:

  • Suspension
    • MCS single adjustable non-remote reservoir shocks with 750/850 springs.
    • Front camber plates and rear shock mounts w/ spherical bearings.
    • Polyurethane/Delrin control arm bushings.
    • Sway bars must be steel, non-bladed, using stock mounting location.

DSC_2183 copy

Our upgraded billet / polyurethane engine mounts on display for comparison against stock

DSC_2187 copy DSC_2188 copy

After everyone got tired of watching people sweat we adjourned to parking lot to check out the other cars that were in attendance. General BS'ing and hanging out commenced. Overall we are very pleased with the turn out and how things went. We are definitely looking forward to doing more of these type of events.

DSC_2191 copy DSC_2192 copy DSC_2193 copy DSC_2194 copy DSC_2195 copy

Pretty M-tech convertible

DSC_2197 copy DSC_2198 copy DSC_2199 copy DSC_2200 copy DSC_2201 copy DSC_2202 copy DSC_2203 copy DSC_2204 copy DSC_2205 copy DSC_2206 copy

Our new A3 project

DSC_2207 copy DSC_2208 copy DSC_2209 copy

Our service adviser's E30 318is next to a very rare E30 Baur

DSC_2210 copy DSC_2211 copy DSC_2212 copy DSC_2214 copy DSC_2215 copy DSC_2216 copy DSC_2223 copy DSC_2252 copy DSC_2253 copy

Pair of 1.8T rabbits hanging out.

DSC_2257 copy DSC_2258 copy

Spec E46 car all buttoned up coming back from a test drive

DSC_2254 copy

\ BMW CCA Open Tech Session

June 17, 2014