BMW E46 Wagon - Active Autowerke Supercharged



Rarely do we get the green light to do a top to bottom install on a customer's car, but every so often we get someone in the door that throws caution to the wind and lets loose to make their dreams a reality. That was definitely the case for this recent E46 build, where we tossed everything at it to create a very unique and complete grocery getter. Atop the list of modifications would be the highly sought after Active Autowerke Supercharger Kit which packs 330hp of linear performance. The complete Active kit includes a Rotrex C30 charger, upgraded injectors, an oil cooler, front mount intercooler, and proprietary performance software. The subtle whine gives a hint to the fact that this wagon is making M3-like numbers but with the added daily practicality of a huge boot and 4 doors. Helping to get that power to the ground is an upgraded rear differential from Turner Motorsports, boasting a more performance oriented ratio and a dual clutch LSD.  A finned cover was added to give better cooling. From our very own parts catalog we have also upgraded the engine mounts. All that extra power would be a waste with worn out stock mounts so we have installed our BFI E46 BMW Stage 2 Performance Engine Mounts to keep everything firmly planted in place. Keeping the new found power in control is of vital importance, which is why this E46 has been equipped with massive front and rear Brembo Brakes,Bilstein Coilovers, SPC Adjustable Control Arms, and a Dinan Strut Brace. And finally we decided to improve the looks on this project further by upgrading the headlights to these Projector Headlights w Angel Eyes and Smoked Turn Signals as well as adding some new rollers in the form of BBS CH in Satin Black to round things out. Overall we were able to completely transform this tame tourer into something that is just as at home on the track as it is running errands. We are thankful for the opportunity to put together such a complete build and are appreciative when we come across customers who have such a umique vision for their cars.  

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BMW E46 Wagon - Active Autowerke Supercharged

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