We've been proud of all of our product lines to date but this one just might take the cake. This time around we pulled out all the stops and created what we're certain is the very best product of it's kind. The Clean Catch product line looks very simple at first glance, and that's the idea really. Installed in the engine bay you are hard pressed to tell that the Clean Catch was not there from the factory. We wanted our system to appear as OEM as possible, and function even better. The machining is slick, the finishes tasteful and neutral while still being extremely durable. Our fittings systems are derived from top tier race vehicles. The proprietary VAGPORT adapters make installation fool proof. You might call it overkill- we think it's just the icing on the cake when it comes to engine hardware. This is a beautiful union of form and function. One of the biggest areas of concern for the longevity of your FSI direct injection engine is the long term effects of oil vapor deposition in the intake and valve train. Even though all FSI engines come equipped with a cyclonic oil separator from the factory – time has shown that these separators are not enough – and that the biggest contributor to these vaporized oil deposits on the intake valves and plenum are the gasses emanating from the PCV system.

Without additional filtering and maintenance your intake valves could look like this:

By collecting the excess oil vapor in the Clean Catch you can prevent your intake valves from becoming the next BP disaster (too soon?) This will ensure the longevity of your engine and also keep your 2.0t running at maximum efficiency so that you are able to squeeze every last bit of horsepower from your car.

Installation of the FSI Clean Catch Oil Separator takes just minutes and is designed to allow clearance both for the stock engine cover/intake to be retained as well as the OE “noise pipe” to be used. Every FSI Clean Catch system comes with a matte powder coated aluminum can, high flow #8 braided and sport-crimped hoses and hose ends, along with in-house designed CNC machined PCV Port adapter and can bracket, as well as a billet intake manifold block off. All aluminum pieces are anodized black for longevity and good looks!

Every Clean Catch system comes with our proprietary VAGPORT connection system, a revolutionary PCV connection system, consisting of custom designed and machined port adapters specific to Volkswagen and Audi applications. Each TSI VAGPORT connector utilizes the same type of quick release connector used by Audi sport and Team Joest on all their competition Le Mans prototype racers.


August 04, 2011