Don't underestimate just how much making a simple change in your interior can dramatically improve the look and feel of your car as a whole. Our line of custom, made to order shift boots come in a variety of high end materials, with your choice of stitching color to compliment any interior scheme. It's the details that really set your build apart from the pack, as well as make your interior suit your tastes. Don't settle for the cheap, boring boots that your car comes with. Just like from the factory, certain special edition vehicles are given that extra touch, and your car should be no exception. Our boots are a direct replacement install and something anyone can do in just minutes. These are a perfect match with any GS1, or GS2 shift knob, and the diameter of the boot is designed to work with either.

Take a look at just a few examples below.

bfi-mk7-dsg-automatic-shift-boot-alcantara-3DSC_8643 (1) ShiftBoot_ThreadOptions_VF_compressed

February 08, 2016