Eurowise: 16 Day VR6 Cabriolet Build

First it was the 16v; the preferred and best available engine option for improving performance in any MK1. Then after a span of almost a decade we began to see the technologically advanced yet highly complex 1.8T win favor as the people's choice for champion powerplant. Now, nearly another 10 years later is trying to change the game yet again, by simplifying the process of dropping any 12v VR6 into a MK1 chassis. While not everyone would agree that the VR6 is the best match for the lightweight and notoriously nimble rabbit, the fun factor is something that once experienced, is almost impossible to argue with.

As if the feat of stuffing the significantly larger engine into the MK1 engine bay wasn't enough of a challenge, Eurowise decided that they wanted to do a complete build from start to finish in only 16 days. The initial to do list went as follows: -install VR6 motor -convert to CE2 wiring -build exhaust system -install new top -install new headliner -install new carpet -strip entire car down and paint exterior, doors, engine bay, under body, fender wells, door jambs, trunk -install new wheels -install entire new suspension -recover or replace interior seats, door panels -install new stereo system

With the help of many hands the entire car was stripped down in very short order. The body was sanded to bare metal exposing some very liberal bondo work which was addressed and cleaned up. Meanwhile, as the dust and sparks flew- an arsenal of replacement parts was ordered up including JOM Coilovers , MK1 Ecodes , MK1 JOM Clear / Red Tails , MK1 Stage 1 BFI Engine Mount Kit and a host of other items.

A few simple touches give the engine compartment that OEM plus appearance as if the VR6 was there from the factory. It looks right at home thanks to the proprietary engine mount brackets from Eurowise, coupled with their custom axles.

The crowning touch to this build would definitely have to be the retrimmed Recaro interior supplied by Love's Trim Shop . The supple light tan leather really compliments the GM Frost Green Metallic exterior especially when cruising with the top down on an early NC fall day.

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