Work smarter not harder. Having the right tool for the job always makes life easier. Stop busting your knuckles trying to wedge your cat into your engine bay to keep your timing correct. Schwaben tools are specifically made for you vehicle and just like what factory technicians use day in and day out. For over 40 years, Schwaben has produced quality hand tools and tool kits, many of which are specially designed for use on European motorcars. Superior engineering, manufacturing, and distribution techniques allow them to set World Class standards for our tools, and still sell them at reasonable prices. Schwaben's concept is simple; sell exceptional, affordable tools with an OE look and feel, that are all backed up by first rate customer service. All Schwaben tools and tool kits are manufactured under strict quality control standards, designed to give you years of trouble-free service. This strut tool is essential if you do not have access to air and especially helpful when installing any of our JOM Coilovers:

For MK4 and up this spreader (huh huh you said..nevermind) is also mandatory for installation of the front struts

If you own a VW there's a great chance you've had to remove an axle more than once. If you haven't yet- you will, and both of these guys will make your life much easier.

You best Protecta ya neck! - and those rare wheels. If you love your rollers and take them on and off / swap them out as much as we do then these safety sockets are just what you need to prevent scratching the inside of the bolt holes during removal and installation.

November 23, 2011