Event Coverage European Experience 2018

Event Coverage

Yet another European Experience is in the books and as usual it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. From the convenience and beauty of the city itself, to the practicality and functional layout of the venue, for us this is one of the least stressful yet most productive shows that we attend.

As the years have gone on, the variety of cars has continued to increase, from perfectly preserved air-cooled specimens to aftermarket twin-turbo Italian exotics. Each and every year there are more than enough deserving cars to make it into the top 50 which are displayed on Sunday and judged in a variety of categories. Just making it into that select 50 is an honor in and of itself and we did our best to bring you a generous visual smattering of what we saw on the asphalt.

Some of our favorites included the 80s themed T3 Westfalia that contained more props and period correct references than ‘Stranger Things’. The Garbage Pail Kids sticker bombed wheels hit particularly close to our heart though.  The ultra clean black 1.8T swapped MK1 that still clung to its US front end was a refreshing change of pace as well as the Caddyio? – half cabrio, half caddy with a VR6 swapped engine bay, complete with Schrick intake manifold that you could eat off of. The list of justified entries goes on and on and we’ll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

On the vendor side of things, Volkswagen definitely stole the show with an impressive array of never before seen forthcoming models, including a retina searing highlighter wrapped Arteon, as well as Tanner Faust’s Atlas, and even one of the first modified next generation Jettas rolling on fifteen52 wheels. In addition to that, we very much enjoyed the refreshed iteration of Autrey of BMP’s Rocket Bunny MK7 as well as the slew of classic BMW and Porsche models that Eurofed stuffed their booth with. BBS also had a couple of slick black boosted late model bimmers next to our set-up which caught our eye (we clearly have a soft spot for multi-piece BBS wheels though). And of course who could forget the ECS tuning sweepstakes MK7 that shared our space, and which featured our knob and boot combo!

All in all it was a great time and we are grateful to all of the new friends we met and to all of our loyal vendors with whom we chatted about all things business. Of course we cannot forget the customers who we got to talk with and hear all of your valuable opinions and feedback. Without you guys we would not be able to continue pursuing our passion and doing what we love day in and day out. There’s no doubt we’ll be back again and we’re already booking space and looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!










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