It's a breath of fresh air to attend an automotive event that can combine the feeling of both a track day, and a stance meet at the same time. While many likely would take offense to that latter statement, I should clarify that I mean that in the sense that there's enough down time in parking lots to hang out, kick the tires and talk shop so to speak, unlike how track days can be all about business and keeping your car from spewing its vitals all over the tarmac. This is not to say that Wookies in the Woods did not claim its share of casualties and mechanical failures, including but not limited to engine / brake fires this time around. The setting is clearly the shining star of this event, nestled in the NC / TN mountains, for those less informed noobs, the Tail of the Dragon / Deal's Gap is one of the most notorious stretches of road in all of the US. With 318 curves in 11 miles even the most seasoned drivers will be tested, and even the most seasoned passengers will be tested to hold onto their lunch. The beautiful scenery stretches far beyond that particular route though and exploration is encouraged. Multiple organized drives depart each morning with some venturing as far south as Georgia with a 5-6 hour round trip. There are also other shorter excursions and you are of course free to wander off on your own. It's honestly hard to go wrong as long as you keep your focus when necessary and don't let the rushing waters, the soaring peaks, and the crumbling rock walls steal you attention. Safety is number 1 when at WITW and each weekend leads off with an organized orientation and safety briefing so that there are no excuses. Overall attendance is modest and you easily get the impression that the die hards are very happy to keep things this way. There's a summer camp vibe as Fontana Village Resort is the preferred destination. There are multiple cabins available for rent and the area is overrun with European cars. A variety of extracurricular social activities are planned as well, including a fire pit beer swap, disc golf, etc. Food is scarce, and phone / internet reception is even scarcer. You're forced to disconnect from the world and connect with your car. Fortunately our cameras still worked (except for when we crashed our drone due to the electrical interference from the hydroelectric dam) and we were able to record just a taste of the experience. Take a look at our video and some of the photos below!


May 10, 2018