Seriously look at it. Would you just look at it!? Our Clean Catch Oil Separator functions as good as it looks and without removing the factory PCV. This gives you multiple lines of defense against carbon build up while elevating the look of your engine bay rather than detracting from it.

Our brand new Version 2 design features a perforated cylindrical baffle to maximize the amount of surface area while still allowing air to circulate freely. This allows all harmful oil vapor to collect on our cylindrical baffle, and ultimately drain into the can and not the back of your intake valves.

Our new upgraded heat resistant braided hoses give an additional layer of protection and durability as well as make for an extremely OE+ look. Their woven look, complete with white detail is as factory as it gets.

In addition to all of our new functional upgrades we have also added the ability to customize the look of your car by adding additional anodized hardware. You can now select from a large range of colors that compliment your build and give that perfect appearance.

We were the very first company to offer actual OEM hose connection, direct from the supplier who makes them for VAG. We employee a proprietary method to mount them to our hosing to ensure and exacting fit every time, with no third party or unnecessary aftermarket solutions. In this instance there was no need to reinvent the wheel, so we designed our kit around what already existed.

We have also changed the way our can mounts to our proprietary bracket, now with a bolt in fit, rather than using the can lid to mount. We feel this still efficiently and succinctly solves the task and also gives an attractive six shooter / revolver impression.

May 02, 2018