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Any mechanic worth anything knows just how useful one of these tools can be. This one single tool may look simple, but its uses are just about infinite. The basic flathead end can be used for the obvious task of removing flathead screws, however more commonly this tool is used for prying, picking, pressing, depressing, and generally getting into tight spots that other tool and fingernails just are not suited for. On the opposite end you have a very strong magnet. This magnet often comes in handy for retrieving lost hardware and clips that have fallen into those hard to reach nooks in the engine bay. This not so very closely guarded secret weapon is something that you will find in just about any seasoned technician's arsenal and no matter how much or how little work you do on your car, is something that you will need in your toolbox too.

For the next 100 orders (over $50) we will be tossing one of these in the box. Keep in mind that we receive tons of orders everyday, and that in only a couple of days we'll be out! So if you want your Black Forest Industries special tool :001 then hop on the site and place an order for whatever you've had your eye.


Extra strong magnetic end is great for retrieving even the heaviest of bolts


Pocket clip ensures you'll never lose your soon to be favorite tool


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