Gauge Solutions At BFI


It's important to keep a watchful eye on your vehicle's vitals, especially if you've made a few or more than few modifications beyond how it came from the dealership. While most modern cars do have sophisticated ways of monitoring things, often the good information is kept locked up inside the computer so as not to alarm or confuse those less than educated drivers. But being the enthusiast that you are, you are well aware of the need to see every little change that happens with your car in order to keep it running in peak condition and making as much power as possible.

At Black Forest Industries we stock and supply a large variety of gauge and gauge pod solutions for just about any model.  From boost pressure, to oil pressure, EGT, volt and more, we have what you need to make sure everything is operating just as it should. The last thing anyone wants is for a minor problem to go unnoticed making for a very costly repair bill down the road.


S E L E C T   S T O C K   S P O T L I G H T

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