We are excited to release seven new GS2 shift knob leather colors! If you thought our old catalog had plenty to choose from, then you're in for an even bigger treat. With 3 new Air Leather colors and 4 new Alcantara colors, the options are seemingly infinite! Scroll down to learn more about each new addition...

Sand Beige Air Leather

Our first beige in the GS2 lineup. This Sand Beige is a great neutral color pulled from the 997 Porsche. Looking for something to spice up your boring beige interior - this is the color for you!


Graphite Gray Air Leather

Another Porsche color, this time from the 996 generation. Graphite gray is a perfect medium gray that fits most interiors. We have one in our Atlas and love the gentle contrast. This is an almost perfect match for a MK8 GTI with gray leather seats.


Arancia Mira Orange Air Leather

If you wanted orange, but didn't like the mango tones of orange alcantara, this is the material for you. A bright orange, true in color to a ripe orange peel. This comes from Lamborghini, hence the Arancia Mira name. A perfect fit for a Mini, or Farenheit edtion GTI, or for anyone who wants a bright pop of orange in their interior.


Royal Blue Alcantara

Royal Blue is the technical name for this color - but we think most would describe it as "Navy" blue. Maybe it's the Royal Navy. Either way, this is a great subtle color that matches perfectly against red accents, and fits right in most interiors. 

black anodized (square).jpg__PID:a80a4ac0-968f-4d6f-b3f7-8ad55fa773a7

Caramel Alcantara

Continuing with our Beige theme, this Caramel Alcantara is a great option for those with light brown interiors. A bit more yellow/orange than the Sand Beige leather, this caramel is right at home in an Audi or Porsche.


Emerald Green Alcantara

A subtle Sage Green is a great addition to any neutral interior, browns, grays, black all work with this versatile color. A great addition to any modern interior, but a perfect fit for a MK5 sage green Golf.

Green_Machined (square).jpg__PID:03c784cc-e2bd-4849-a68f-203081892497
Green_Black (square).jpg__PID:84cce2bd-4849-468f-a030-8189249739b4

Charcoal Alcantara

Probably the most versatile of all our new colors, charcoal black (9002 alcantara color code) is an often used color by OEM manufacturers in their interior. This will be the closest match to any OE alcantara steering wheel or shift boot. So if you want to match a Porsche or BWM M alcantara piece, this is the choice for you - Our standard black (9040 which alcantara calls "deep black") is a bit too saturated to match OE parts. 

Charcoal_Machined (square).jpg__PID:905b809e-840f-495f-97f1-439a586f50a3
Charcoal_Black (square).jpg__PID:809e840f-895f-47f1-839a-586f50a30afa