With the flashmob of modified imports now dispersed to all corners of the scene, we can take the opportunity to reflect on another H2O international come and gone. Overall this year was uneventful, and to us that is a good thing. Of course people were pulled over and cited, and there was the usual reckless driving but all in all the level of absurdity has been reigned in to some degree. More often than not (at least as best we could tell) the real offenders were either those new to the show, or those not in a VAG vehicle at all, often both in many cases. So it seems that the pleading and the criticism has sunk in with the vast majority of those that not only attend the show itself but those that just come for the spectacle that is the strip and smaller GTGs.

And speaking of GTGs- things did feel somewhat more fragmented as a result of the overwhelming amount of subcategories- (Chipotle GTG we're looking at you ). But smaller events aside the attendance at Fort Whaley campgrounds seemed to be higher than ever, the woods scattered with attendees who were basically told to get in where they fit in.  Organization, while not flawless seemed to be much improved over years past, however.

The main attractions at the show consisted of APR's MK7 GTI and VW's Design Vision concept  which drew huge swarms of spectators. On the exhibition / show side of things, Unix performance stole the show with their super clean MK1 Rabbit. The field was littered with cars that to us could have easily deserved a spot in "top dawg" however that is consistent with years past. Some standouts include the Mojave beige diesel caddy with the oh so immaculate truck bed, as well as several other high caliber MK1 and 2 cars parked in the grassy fields.

It's evident that the spirit of H2O is still extremely strong, regardless of the constantly shifting nature of the logistics and details of the event as a whole. H2O still holds onto its claim of being one of the best, largest, and generally most fun shows of the year and we're glad it has withstood the test of time.

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October 02, 2013