'Tis The Season.

Whether you've been naughty or nice, we're sure there's something on this list that you need. It's alright if you're buying for yourself too, because we know that you deserve it. However, these parts are all hand selected to be easy on the wallet, while still packing a big punch, making them excellent for gifts. Don't leave out those friends that have helped you through all of your projects. Take a look below and see for yourself!

1. BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Full Billet

Not only does our new billet, heavyweight shift knob look great inside your car, but it also adds a bit of function and performance as well. With its solid construction and added heft, shifting becomes smoother and faster. Utilizing a modular threaded insert design this shift knob is compatible with nearly any application. Weighing in at approximately 250 grams the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time. 


2. BBS Logo Caps

Mix it up or just plain refresh those BBS wheels.  Add a pop of color to give an authentic accent to your prized rollers. Several options available.

3. BFI Leather / Alcantara Shift Boot

The factory did not do justice to the level of quality on the shift boots off the production line. You'd be surprised at just how much this simple upgrade can elevate your interiors look and feel.

4. BFI T-Shirt

We've got several cool designs to choose from, but none more popular than our Party Tree T. This MK3 seat patterned shirt is a hit wherever you go. Best of all you can show your support for us!

5. R8 Oil Cap

This cap fits virtually all modern engines and instantly upgrades the look of your bay. Taken straight from the infamous Audi R8 parts bin, this is an excellent addition to your (or your friend's car)

6. MK6 Smoked / Clear Sidemarker

One of the most simple ways to update the look of any car is to throw away the factory amber sidemarkers in favor a smoked or clear set. An inexpensive cosmetic must have. 

7. 6-Speed OEM Short Shifter

In addition to one of our BFI shift knobs, the next best thing to improve shifting feel without being too notchy is one of these OEM short shift kits. Fits a variety of cars.

8. BFI Torque Arm insert / Dogbone Insert - Stage 1

Our Stage 1 Torque Arm Insert is aimed at maximizing daily comfort while still offering optimized performance gains over stock. These are the only MQB inserts available that feature a specifically engineered dimension that limits unwanted vibration, offering the best compromise available. We recommend the Stage 1 insert to majority of our customers. Under hard acceleration, the pendulum mount (commonly referred to as the "dogbone" or by VW as the "torque arm") acts to limit rotational movement of the engine. The factory bushings do a satisfactory job, while limiting vibrations, but only during sedate driving conditions. When pushed hard, those bushings flex creating a vague feeling in the engine and gearbox and adding to the dreaded wheel hop phenomenon. Our pendulum mount torque arm insert fills the voids in the stock rubber bushing, making what was a soft rubber bushing with voids into what behaves like a solid mount.  SHOP HERE

5. Auxiliary Gauges

Keep tabs on how your car is behaving and stop the guessing. Installing auxiliary gauges is necessary to monitor your engine's vitals

10. European Headlight Switch

Get back a bit of control with a European headlight switch. Most popularly used to operate your lights independently, including rear fog lights. 

11. OEM Red-top Coilpack

The infamous read top coilpacks not only look great in your engine bay, but they are a much more reliable and high quality replacement than the failure prone stock parts.

12. BKR7EIX Spark Plugs

If you've installed software on your car yet haven't upgraded to colder plugs then that's a no no. These are the recommended affordable option for tuned cars

13. Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads

A name like Brembo needs no explanation. Masters of brake components for decades, these guys know their stuff when it comes to stopping power.  

14. Sonax Car Care Bucket

When it comes to car care,  Sonax is a leading brand in Europe, but maybe lesser know here. That doesn't mean that this isn't some high quality stuff though! 

15. MK3 Engine Mount Spacers

Tired of smashing those expensive oil pans on your MK3? Looking to gain a bit of extra clearance, but don't want to raise your car up? These engine mount spacers are the perfect option as they are a simple and quick install that give you an additional 17mm of clearance.!

16. BFI Wheel Spacers

BFI Wheel Spacers allow you to dial in the perfect fitment with either your existing OEM wheel or aftermarket wheel. By adding these to your car you can get your wheels flush to your fenders giving your vehicle a more aggressive look while improving performance at the same time!

17. Looking for better sound from your motor? Then look no further than the PWRHAUS diverter valve spacer. Just like adding an exhaust system to your vehicle to give a more aggressive sound, this spacer will enhance your driving experience by providing an audible and enjoyable noise between shifts. This spacer simply installs between your diverter valve and turbo offering incredible sound with no sacrifice to performance or causing CELs!


PWRHAUS BMW N55 Diverter Valve Spacer

Pwrhaus EA888 Gen.3 1.8T & 2.0T Diverter Valve Spacer

Pwrhaus FSI EA113 & TSI EA888 2.0T Diverter

18. APR Vent Gauge Pod / MK7

APR's gauge pod is a simple and elegant solution for mounting whatever gauge you want. Once installed this looks like a factory option. 

19. Powerflex Bushings

Power is nothing without control, and these bushings help to give you much more of that. Available for several different vehicles.  

20. Audi Valve Stem Caps

It's all in the details. 30 seconds and you've got yourself a subtle yet signature piece of jewelry for your car's shoes. It's the icing on the cake for that perfect set. 

21. MK3 Heavy Duty Strut Mounts

Worn out strut mounts can be a real drag. Squeaking and clunking not only feels terrible, but it's also embarrassing! Replace yours with these upgraded heavy duty boys today. 

22. ABA / 16V Catch Can Adapter

Give your oil vapor a home on your ABA / 16V by installing one of our catch can adapters. Simple peace of mind and it looks pretty killer too. 

23. MK2 Solid Engine Mount

Put all that power to the ground, and ditch the crummy factory mounts at the same time. These upgrades get the job done and will last forever!

24. Premium Oil Change Kits 

 There's nothing more important than the life blood of your engine, and it's definitely not something to take lightly. Motul is one of, if not the best name in the business, known for making high performance oil to exacting OEM specifications. This liquid crude is the best that you can feed your vehicle and offers peace of mind for many many miles to come. Why try to save a few bucks in the short term when it can mean big problems down the road?  Grab yourself the good stuff and pick up one of our premium oil change kits today! 


25. BFI "RS3" Control Arm Bushings - Solid Rubber - MK7/MQB 

 These RS3 style solid rubber control arm bushings make the best possible OEM+ upgrade for your MQB vehicle. By eliminating the voids in the rubber and having a completely solid rubber bushing, you will gain a significant amount of feel and response during spirited driving, with minimal additional noise, vibration or harshness into the cabin.


December 08, 2020