As we have for the last 3 years, we dismantled a portion of our showroom and erected a pop-up store in Pottstown PA for the 3rd annual L'OE Show. Its become the must-attend show every labor day, and this year was no exception. 

The focus of this years L'OE Show was the celebration of 40 years of the GTI. In addition to our Edition 40 shift knobs (launching September 19th at 11am!) we decided to take inspiration from race series from 40 years ago. The Skoal Bandit was entered both in Nascar; as a Buick Regal driven by Harry Gant as well LeMans; in a Porsche 956 driven by John Fitzpatrick, Guy Edwards and  Rupert Keegan.

With those vintage race cars in mind we developed a livery for our MK2 Jetta, a vintage german nascar for the street. While just a fun design exercise, the livery turned out better than we expected, pairing beautifully with the red stripe grille and wide G60 steelies from Han Chung Classics. 

While not a racecar by any means- this 1990 VW Jetta 8v has a ton of old school tuning to work over the original engine.  That original stock block has been massaged with a fully built head and custom fuel lines, fuel rail, fuel pump, and custom FPR. To add to that, a 272 camshaft, High Flow Valve Kit with 7mm stems, HD valve springs, Ti retainers, updated hydraulic lifters, upgraded cam sprocket and intermediate shaft sprocket, with a Techtonics Tuning EPROM allowing the car to redline all the way up to 8000 RPMs just like a real racecar. The car also has a full techtonics tuning catback exhaust and SS race downpipe.

Check out our L'OE Show highlights from this year...

L'oe Show Merch Now Available!

Don't miss out on BFI's Limited Edition L'OE Show Merch! Taking inspiration from the Skoal Bandit Racing Team of the 80s & 90s, we are excited to bring you our BFI Bandit Merch! Even going as far as wrapping one of our employee's MK2 Jetta in a Bandit-inspired livery...

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