Locals Only- JSW TDI

On the way back from from our lunch break we pulled into the parking lot to see a gorgeous example of a Jetta SportWagen sitting there all alone out front of the shop. While gawking at some of the details of the car we ran into the owner as he was leaving. Turns out he was in to have his KW V1 coils spun down a bit more, an inevitability when it's an option. After a quick conversation it didn't take long for us to convince Captain J. Ganal to let us snap a few pictures of this oil burner.

Truth be told there's nothing really crazy going on with this car- it's just clean and simple, the way we like. The aftermarket LED projector headlights are the most complex thing on this Wagen but those definitely help to give an even more aggressive and menacing appearance while still maintaining an OEM quality. The smooth and subtle Votex body kit visually brings the car closer to the ground, while the ever present but still stylish Gunmetal Rotiform BLQ wheels contrast nicely with the Candy white paint.

Rounding out the series of understated modifications Captain Ganal added OEM R Line black mirror caps, clear corner marker, OEM Stainless steel exhaust tips, OEM foglights- and for that touch of flare some yellow Lamin-X on top. As with most builds this car definitely reflects the personality of the owner. While we did not contribute directly in building this car, it was still a pleasure having the opportuninty to talk with a fellow enthusiast, and a generally nice guy.

Mod List

- OEM Votex Kit minus rear hatch spoiler
- OEM R Line black mirror caps
- OEM Steel skidplate
- OEM Stainless steel exhaust tips
- OEM Euroswitch
- OEM fog lights
- Lamin X yellow fog light covers
- PIAA yellow fog light bulbs
- R20 style LED headlights
- LED white license plate bulbs
- Blue tinted aspherical mirrors
- S53 Whispbars
- Rockmounts Tierod bike racks
- Clear corner lens
- 35% ceramic tint
- Clear bra

- OEM Media-In Retrofit Kit
- Replaced all interior bulbs with white LEDs

- 18 x 8.5 Rotiform BLQs

- 225/40/18 Falken Ziex ZE -512

- KW V1s coilovers

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