MK1 VR6 Track Day at CMP

After our initial build of our MK1 VR6 Swap Project we beat around in it worked out a few kinks and then considered what to do with the car moving forward. With so much skepticism around the balance of the MK1 we thought actual real world testing was in order and thus began the build into a track day experiment. First order of business was to remove the engine and refresh a few of the more important things. The motor itself was plenty strong- so much so that we were having trouble with the clutch slipping. We replaced that with our own BFI VR6 228mm Clutch and Billet Lightweight Flywheel Kit - Stage 1 which is plenty suitable for an NA build. With that sorted we turned to some of the more common maintenance issues- the timing chains, rear main seal and we added our BFI Mk3 VR6 Cooling Kit - Low Temp Thermostat To keep oil temps down on track we added an external oil cooler which was mounted in the space the battery once occupied. With the reliability issues sorted- we added a few more performance upgrades in the way of Cat 268* cams and for added stopping power a set of Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers, and 10.1" Slotted Rotors. The 14x7 TD wheels just barely clear, but they do so still running them with Hankook RS2's in 195/60/14. A custom cage was welded in along with Sparco race seats. We raised our shifter box with a custom bracket to put things within easy reach while strapped in. We finally got it on the scales, total weight w/o driver and with 1/4 tank of gas 2006lbs. And needless to say front to back ratio wasn't the greatest, basically ended up getting it to ~690lbs/front ~300lbs/rear corners. Set the alignment specs to; Front: -2* camber -1/16in toe Rear: -1.5* camber 1/16toe And with that the Rabbit was ready to head out to Carolina Motorsports Park for its maiden voyage to the track.

BFI VR6 228mm Clutch and Billet Lightweight Flywheel Kit - Stage 1

BFI Mk3 VR6 Cooling Kit - Low Temp Thermostat

Custom oil cooler

Added a little vinyl just for fun. The 22 comes from the number we bet on and won with in a last ditch Roulette effort in Vegas last month.

Just a quick look at a few of the other attendees at the track that weekend, including GMP who was hosting the event.

Borris the lab even made the trip to work the pits.

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