It's almost a shame to tear into our latest acquisition- a '98 "driver's edition leftover" GTI with a mere 107k miles on the clock. This thing is clean like really clean. It's been a long time since we've come across anything of this vintage that runs, drives, and looks almost as if it came straight off the dealer lot. It's the perfect candidate for development of our forthcoming MK3 1.8T Drop-In Conversion Kit. Our primary focus with this build will be on the powerplant, with 3 stages planned. Stage 1- basic drop in kit utilizing the K03 turbo aimed at the most affordable entry level kit that still gets you all of the specialty pieces necessary to make the swap painless. Included in the kit will be C2 Motorsports' custom software for the 1.8T that drops right in your ABA OBD-2(only for now)ECU. Also included, BFI custom machined and modified distributor designed to make this a simple and direct bolt up. Additional custom hardware items: ignition plug wires, charge plumbing, and downpipe. Our goal is to keep cost down without sacrificing any convenience or functionality. Stage 1 will still utilize the 020 transmission and push the limits of that gearbox as well as our 020 Clutch Kits with Ultra-Lightweight Flywheel Additionally while the motor is out we will rebuild the bottom end and upgrade the connecting rods in anticipation for higher boost levels. Stage 2- upgrade to a K04 turbo, and if necessary upgrade to an 02A transmission. Stage 3- Big Turbo. If we haven't already popped the 020, convert to the 02A at this time. The MK3 is already equipped with JOM Blue Line Coilovers as well as our MK3 Golf Smoked E-code Headlights. It of course goes without saying that we will be upgrading the engine mounts- utilizing our ever popular BFI Stage .5 Polyurethane Motor Mount Complete Kit **Update! We have finalized introductory pricing- $799.99 for the basic kit which consists of: brand new modified Bosch distributor, custom specific spark plug wire set, C2 performance engine software, custom machined and anodized throttle body bracket. ***We anticipate this being for sale by Waterfest or at the very latest late July ***



Aside from those changes, and obviously a new set of rollers (something special planned here) we intend to preserve this original vehicle's integrity and only make minor reversible cosmetic upgrades.




Above, is a look at a prototype of our modified distributor which will bolt up to the 1.8T head allowing you to retain your factory MK3 engine wiring harness and ECU!

before2 before3 before4 before6 before9 before7 before8 DSC_5870 DSC_5872 DSC_5875 DSC_5876 DSC_5877

Integrated Engineering connecting rods with stock pistons ready to be installed in the block

DSC_6213 DSC_6216 motorassembly1 update6 enginein2 update1 update2 update3 update4 update5

January 21, 2013