Recently we had the pleasure of having a MK5 GTI in the shop to install just about everything but the kitchen sink on. The general scope of work included: front and rear swaybars, new polyurtehane control arm bushings, new balljoints, new cupkit suspension, water pump, K04 turbocharger, and a DSG limited slip differential with upgraded clutch packs among other things. Totalling over 30 hours of labor, this car was transformed mechanically from a subtle street toy into more of an all out performer. While you cannot see any of the changes that we made from the outside, all of the effort becomes immediately noticeable once your right foot starts to get a little heavy. It's obvious, just based on outward appearance that this particular customer is more concerned about performance, rather than fender to ground measurements. While we can appreciate all forms of enthusiasm for these cars, it's refreshing to see this approach as most would agree it's a little less common these days.


Factory DSG differential being removed from the transmission

DSC_1545 DSC_1546 copy

A look inside DSG transmission just to give you an idea of some of the complexity and magic that goes on.

DSC_1547 copy

Cleaning up the mating surface to ensure a good seal

DSC_1550 copy DSC_1552 copy

Drilling out those pesky rivets in order to harvest the ring gear.

DSC_1579 copy

Motor out - preparing to remover the K03, and replace with the K04 turbo kit from APR

DSC_1580 copy

Superpro control arms and bushings ready to be installed

DSC_1581 copy

Previous aftermarket swaybar whose name we will not mention. This is a perfect example of why we offer forged ends, rather than welded on for our Stabila Swaybars.

DSC_1585 copy DSC_1596 copy

New K04 Turbo ready to be installed

DSC_1598 copy DSC_1600 copy

Installing brand new waterpump and timing chain tensioner.

DSC_1603 copy

New K04 Installed

DSC_1606 copy

Ring gear installed on new LSD.

DSC_1608 copy DSC_1609 copy DSC_1610 copy DSC_1612 copy DSC_1776 DSC_1777 DSC_1781

All buttoned up an ready to go!


MK5 GTI K04 / DSG Upgrades + More

May 12, 2014