New MK4 Adjustable Dampening Coilovers

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Finally we were able to get our hands on one of those products that we have been anticipating for a very long time. We are very excited to offer these brand new JOM MK4 16 Way Adjustable Dampening Coilovers on our web-store for the very first time. These are in stock and ready to ship now

What's so great about these coilovers?

Well for starters, at under $700 these are one of the least expensive options for giving you total adjustment on your Mk4 vehicle. On top of that, they are extremely well built and well thought out, making adjustment quick and easy.

Why do I need adjustable dampening?

We often get the question regarding our MK4 Blueline Coilovers - "How do these ride?" While a completely relevant question, that is somewhat difficult for us to answer. We do our best to put the experience into words however it is not so easy to grasp without actually experiencing the ride for yourself. On top of that, people's opinion of the same set of coilovers will vary greatly. Some people have very sensitive rear ends, while others can commute to work on a full race car suspension while drinking tea, completely unaware that is not something that normal people do. You can see our point. The beauty of the adjustable dampening suspension is that you as the driver and owner of your own vehicle can quickly and easily fine tune the ride quality and characteristics to suit your preference, and your own sensitive butt.  

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How do I adjust dampening on these coilovers?

We're glad you asked. That's the best part about these JOM coilovers. While the front set up is not drastically different from many albeit more expensive models out there, it does have some advantages. Using the included, removable adjustment key, you simply insert it into the top of the strut housing in your engine bay and rotate + or - to make your suspension softer or harder. The good thing about the removable key, vs the adjustment know that is always there, is that is generally more durable. We have seen other manufacturers built-in knobs become damaged as they are often quite small and fragile and unable to be moved out of the way during other service or performance related tasks. The downside to the removable key, is that you can lose it after drinking a few beers or having it get mixed in with you other tools. Fortunately JOM has thought of that and included a tiny house for your key to live in. We don't suggest making a bed, or tiny living room for it but what you do on your own time is your business. The real beauty of these is the rear suspension though. Most other adjustable dampening kits require you to remove the rear to adjust dampening. Not these. On the rear there is a very easy to access knob on each shock body which you just rotate, just like the front to increase or decrease dampening. This knob is very accessible and so simple to get to. For very lowered cars, the most you'll have to do is jack up the corner, while others will be able to reach the knob with the car on the ground. This is awesome. So convenient. Very useful.  

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Build Quality

These are very well made. That is immediately evident upon first inspection. All hardware and components are coated for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Above all else these are T.U.V approved. If you don't know what that is- JOM is a German manufacturer and they must ensure that all of their products meet the strict guidelines of the German motor vehicle department. Their standards are extremely high and they require both safety and reliability before they will give their stamp of approval. All JOM coilovers are T.U.V approved.  

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New MK4 Adjustable Dampening Coilovers

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