NEW BFI Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers

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If you're tired of smashing those expensive oil pans on your MK3 and are looking to gain a bit of extra clearance, but don't want to raise your car up then these engine mount spacers are the perfect option. They are a simple and quick install that give you an additional 17mm of clearance that will raise your engine, and more importantly your oil pan out of harm's way. Sold as a kit of 3, these spacers install between your engine mounts and your engine mount brackets and are fastened with included longer, and most importantly, upgraded 10.9 hardware. These spacers are also fully clear anodized for corrosion resistance and long lasting durability. Our spacers will last a lifetime.



17mm may not sound like a lot but it can sometimes be the difference between making it home safely, and a long and expensive process leaving you stranded. Below, you can see an after shot of our MK3 motor mount spacers installed and just how much higher the engine sits- almost flush with the subframe.


This is a side profile shot from the passenger fender showing just how much the engine is raised. In most applications the hood will close without modification but in some instances hood liner will need to be trimmed.


A look at the location of installation for the rear engine mount on a MK3


NEW BFI Mk3 Motor Mount Spacers

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