New GSB Golf Ball Shift Knob for DSG Auto VW and Audi

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The Classic Design You've Been Waiting For Is Here.

The wait is finally over.  Our popular golf ball style 'GSB' shift knob is now available for your DSG or Automatic Volkswagen or Audi vehicle!  We spent a great deal of time to engineer a simple yet effective mechanism that installs in just minutes and secures to your selector shaft using a clamp style design. There are no set screws, and no need for fine adjustment.  Upgrading your interior with one of our knobs has never been easier thanks to our innovative approach. 

Choose Your Combination

With our initial launch we are offering these in the most classic combinations, available upholstered in either black Nappa Leather or black Alcantara with clear anodized or black anodized base. These knobs do come standard with the BFI crest coin, however they will also accept our "DSG" shift coins which are available HERE. The materials we use are sourced from the OEM supplier to German manufacturers, so the this is as close to a genuine replacement parts as the aftermarket can get.  In our opinion this OEM+ modification even exceeds the standards put forth by the manufacturers themselves and gives that added touch of luxury inside your cabin that elevates the feel each and every time you select your gear. It's better shifting you can feel. 

How Does It Work?

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