VIR Track Day with THSCC.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we're fortunate enough to have such an incredible facility just an hour from our door, but on those days when we do find ourselves at Virginia International Raceway we try to take it all in and enjoy every second of every lap. The natural scenery alone is impressive, realizing that may be counter to the reason most people are there, but that still adds to the experience as a whole. Of course on any given day you will find all manner of machine, from classic cars to Ariel Atoms, BMW 745s and everything in between. It's been billed as a country club of sorts, a resort and a haven for those gear heads that want to get away from the traffic in an attempt to seek out speed, and there's no better place to do that than here. 

Prototype GoPro / Phone mount specifically made for the Jetta seat spacing. 

More Fun with Friends.

A great aspect of track days is getting to enjoy it with your friends. We regularly attend as a group and typically stay at the track overnight for the entirety of the weekend.  Of course it's also fun getting to meet new people that clearly share the same passion and obsession and it's almost inevitable that will happen with each new track day.  Below are just a few quick shots of some of the vehicles and friends that were in attendance this time up. 

Wheels, Tires and Brakes.

Obviously a big part of tracking the car is all of the rolling gear.  Lightweight wheels help in all aspects, from handling to braking and especially with acceleration. Sticky tires also help in many aspects much light lighter wheels. A good combination of these two things are invaluable at maximizing performance on track. And what goes fast, must also stop. We experienced noticeable brake fade with the stock set up so that was also due for a much needed upgrade. Together, the new parts work in unison to drastically improve performance and make for a much more enjoyable driving experience.  Rather than explain exactly what we used we've compiled this short list below for quick reference:

  • Motegi 18x8.5 wheels 21lbs, 
  • Kenda Kasier 235/40/18 tires
  • ECS 340mm 2 pc rotors,
  •  Hawk HPS 5.0 pads, 
  • Audi Q5 TDI 4 pistons brembos

Prototype Aero from aerofabb.

From the factory the front bumper of the GLI sits higher than we would like. Presumably this is due to the fact that this sedan still has to double duty as an actual practical vehicle getting in and out of steep curb cuts and navigating inhospitable urban terrain. For the track though, that's not very desirable. Fortunately we knew just who to contact to set about remedying this slight problem. A short text to Rich at aerofabb and we had arranged to drop the GLI off at his workshop to be fitted with a very purposeful and track-ready solution. The end result is so strong that you can literally use it to do pull-ups when the car is on a lift. Seriously, it's that strong. The overall appearance is reminiscent of a NASCAR splitter, and it is all business. It has helped to make the car feel noticeably more stable at speed when barreling down the straights, and it doesn't hurt that it looks pretty badass too.  Contact us if you're interested in getting one of these for your ride. 

October 14, 2020