New Lighting Options for MK4 / MK5 / MK6


By popular demand we have beefed up our lighting section, now offering several new options for the MK4 / Mk5 / MK6 platforms. These upgraded lights offer improved visibility in all conditions as well as giving your vehicle that distinct OEM+ look in most cases. In these days of simple modifications of wheels and stance, it's nice to add a little something extra to your project to give that purposeful appearance. Take a minute to browse through our online selection and see just what we've added. Click any image below to navigate to your vehicle's section.


For the MK4 we've added a variety of projector headlights for both the Golf and Jetta. These lights not only look awesome but they significantly improve light output. We know those MK4 lights have gotten hazy over time so this is the perfect solution. But if you're not looking to go the extra mile for a new set of headlights, we have added glass replacement lenses for both Golf and Jetta. Never deal with ugly yellow lights again


For the MK5 we've added a selection of both headlights and tail lights for Golf and Jetta as well. Again, we now have projector lights for this platform, something that should be on every newer car. Additionally we have a wide selection of LEDs to choose from for both models -- as well as a wide variety of MK7 taillights.


And for the MK6 we have added some newer facelift style headlights that include the LED running lights to give you the most current and up to date look. We also now offer the Golf R Replica Tail Lights which really complete and MK6 Golf / GTI MK4 / MK5 / MK6 Golf Jetta GTI GLI R Headlight Tail Light Projector E-code LED Golf R HID


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