New MK3 VR6 And ABA Turbo Software

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Get Boosted.

With our latest Stage 3 PEM software, you can now safely turbocharge your OBD-II VR6 or ABA MK3 and see optimum performance gains. This software is specifically calibrated to work with 440cc injectors, and a 4" / 3"  MAF housing. This is the preferred tried and true recipe for making reliable and impressive horespower gains.

Both the 12V VR6 and the ABA  have been proven over the years to hold up well to forced induction, as well as being cheap and reliable engines. There's never been a better time to choose this powertrain for your project! Our software is the key to consistent power gains. 

There's definitely more than one way to go about building your set-up, but ultimately with the right software there are only a few specific things that you'll have to adhere to. With our PEM Stage 3 chip, you'll need to make sure that you stick with 440cc injectors and either a 4" MAF housing for your VR6, or a 3" MAF housing for your ABA turbo build. The software will be able to handle the rest.  This leaves you free to decide what turbo manifold to go with and how to best route your intake plumbing, as well as what type of intercooler to choose.  On our Killr Bee 2.0 ABA project, we chose to use an air to water intercooler core as it offered the maximum amount of performance in the smallest amount of space.  A standard front mount would do the trick too, but it's all up to you. 

Choose Your Weapon.

With the versatility of our software, you're able to pick from a variety of turbo sizes to suit your goals. Our Stage 3 PEM is able to compensate and deliver smooth, consistent power by altering your stock fuel maps and timing.  We've  also made sure to build in fail safes as well to ensure that your engine is protected. 

Green Tops.

With added boost, you will need more fueling and unfortunately the factory injectors just aren't up to the task. Fortunately there's a tried and true solution available in the way of the the "Green Top" injectors. These BOSCH injectors are equipped standard on a variety of OEM vehicles and they're capable of spitting out massive amounts of fuel, excellent for making increased horsepower. Best of all, because they're a factory part, they are readily available and they are reasonably priced!


The Stage 3 software solution is a plug and play PEM chip that simply slots into your existing ECU for your OBD-II ABA MK3. This chip will correct fuel and timing to compensate for the added boost pressures. 

The VR6 is an extremely solid powerplant and can take a lot of abuse. This makes it an excellent candidate for a custom turbo build. With our software you can make big power without having to worry about costly damage or running into weak points with your engine. 

DIY Horsepower.

You don't have to accept your naturally aspirated fate! Take charge and build that beast that you've been dreaming of. With our software you do not need to spend hours logging and dyno tuning, instead you can simply plug our PEM into your ECU, bolt on your choice of turbo, upgrade to 440cc injectors and a larger MAF housing and you're making substantial horsepower gains all from your garage.  Anyone can do it, so what are you waiting for?

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