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When a wounded '08 Rabbit found its way onto our doorstep here at Black Forest Industries, we decided to take it under our wing and give it some much needed rehabilitation. Coincidentally we also just so happened to be looking for a candidate who could use the brand new Pwrhaus Coilover Kit for MK5 / MK6 / A3. This brand new coilover kit from Pwrhaus is an excellent performance value for your VW or Audi. These kits feature fully height adjustable coilover struts that are gold zinc coated for maximum corrosion resistance. This matched set of front and rear springs and shocks is ideal for spirited street driving, as well as even track use. This kit is still comfortable enough for daily use however, and walks the line of function and practicality perfectly. In addition to the adjustable shock bodies, this kit includes brand new endlinks which are the appropriate length for lowering your vehicle. Also included are two high quality adjusting wrenches, specifically designed to fit the collars on these shocks. Having two as opposed to one (which many other kits provide) makes adjustment much simpler and quicker.

Lowering height - 1.2"- 3"

INCLUDES > Front and Rear Shocks > Front and Rear Springs > Rear height adjusters > Front swaybar endlinks > Aluminum spring perches > Adjuster wrenches

*Fits 55mm shock bodies only

The complete Pwrhaus Coilover kit, a very comprehensive and thorough option at a very affordable price. This kit rides extremely well and given the shorter shock bodies is a more lowered friendly option.


The yellow zinc plating gives superior corrosion resistance and also looks very aesthetically pleasing under the wheel arches.

DSC_3109 DSC_3106

A look at the included shorter sway bar endlinks which are very sturdy, allowing for maximum clearance and a complete and thorough installation.


Unlike some kits on the market, the Pwrhaus kit includes not one, but two specialized wrenches that are perfectly matched to their corresponding adjustment collars. What this means is that you will be equipped for the future to make adjustments if needed. Don't get stuck trying to raise your vehicle for winter clearance without having the right tools for the job. Everything is included with this kit to make life a little easier.



The very sturdy rear adjusters for the Pwrhaus kit are a bolt in affair which helps to prevent any movement and potentially annoying squeaks and rattles in the future, especially in very low applications.

DSC_3083 DSC_3154samller DSC_3156 copy

Here we have the coilovers bolted in and ready to go at the lowest setting- that is with the helper spring installed. If you choose to remove this you can go another 3/4" lower in the front for a super dumper- pan smashing ride height. Given that this rabbit was equipped with a somewhat rare / expensive OEM Votex lip we opted not to go for the full drop.

DSC_3166 copy

In the rear we have the adjuster installed and set to its lowest setting as well. If you'll see in the picture with our installed Alphards- and 215 / 40 tires , there isnt much room left and the fit is near perfect. However, if you did decide you want to go even lower you can always remove the adjuster perch and lower another 1/4- 1/2". To sum it up, these will go very low.

DSC_3170 copy

A comparison of the two shock bodies in the rear. As you can see the Pwrhaus shock body is shorter which means that it is better suited for a short spring. This enables the shock to dampen in it's effective range equating to a much more comfortable and predictable ride.

DSC_3171 copy DSC_3173 copy

Fully installed in the rear and ready for a new set of rollers.

DSC_3176 copy   DSC_3181smaller DSC_3205 DSC_3209 DSC_3211 DSC_3216

As you can see here- we could go a bit lower in the front if we desired, and as mentioned there is another 3/4" left of adjustment if needed.

DSC_3219 lowshot1darker 

New Pwrhaus Coilover Kits MK5 / MK6 / A3

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