New Wheel Accessories

Protect your investment by making it easier to install and more difficult to remove those expensive custom wheels you finally fit on your car. With the addition of a wheel stud kit, or the use of the magic stick, hefting that 19 inch roller up on your hub has never been more convenient. Both products will hold the wheel located in place until you are able to locate and tighten down your fasteners. Lug nuts are available to complete the stud conversion in both 12mm and 14mm, ball or cone seat. If you're still using your factory studs and want a little added bit of protection we now have wheel locks in both 12mm and 14mm. With their black powdercoated finish they disappear and look better than any old crusty factory lug bolt. Includes 1 key.

Stud Conversions Lug Nuts Wheel Locks and Wheel Wand



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