Now Offering Racingline / VWR Parts

OEM+ doesn't even begin to describe the quality of the parts offered by Racingline USA. With a name and logo that looks suspiciously familiar, you would be excused for mistaking these parts for something that came directly from the factory. But that wouldn't be accurate, because these parts are in fact much better than what comes stock on your VW and in our opinion, it's how the car should have come in the first place. We are pleased to now be offering the entire catalog of parts from VWR / Racingline, which includes Cold Air Intakes, Sport Lowering Springs, Soon-to-be- released Coilovers, Swaybars, and even a range of Wheels.

VWR / Racingline Lowering Springs

We got our hands on a few parts for testing, just so we could report back first hand on just what you can expect when purchasing. And like with any good build, went straight to lowering our MK7 Golf. The VWR springs are designed to work with your factory shocks, whether it be Golf, or GTI- there's an application to fit that won't cause you headaches down the road. We mean that literally and figuratively, as these springs are very forgiving over hard bumps yet they remove a significant amount of body roll, and help to inspire a greater amount of confidence when entering turns by preventing the car from diving quite so badly like it does off the showroom floor. Installation is very simple and when all is said and done your car will be looking much better, sitting 20-25mm lower than before. This is an almost must do, even if you're not looking to "stance" the car- this small investment will greatly increase how much you get out of your car.

DSC_6650 DSC_6818 DSC_6794 DSC_7094

R600 Cold Air Intake

Yet another on the list of must do modifications, is the VWR / Racingline R600 Cold Air Intake. We simply cannot stress enough just how impressed were with the fit and finish of this product. From the full width ducting which swallows up cold air from the front and funnels it to the massive foam filter, to the carefully designed top cover with integrated "R" logo, this thing just oozes OEM. We honestly have never been more impressed with the quality of fit and look of aftermarket intake that was intended to look factory.  We should mention however, that in keeping with that design mentality, this intake does not make a peep on a stock engine.  If sound is all you're after then you might consider a diverter valve spacer, or potentially another intake, such as the one from APR. What this intake does do, besides look great, is it really helps with throttle response, and also to help get back into boost after shifts, which is something that this 1.8t TSI really struggles with. As a staple modification, this cold air ticks all the boxes for us and looks right at home in the engine bay.

DSC_6971 DSC_6974 DSC_7026 racinglineintake

In addition to the above, Racingline also offers a range of intakes for the previous generation Volkswagens, as well as a range of Swaybars and Lightweight Wheels. Each an every product has been carefully designed to retain factory-like qualities and reliability. Please click any image to see more information.

Now Offering Racingline / VWR Parts

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