OEM Big Brake Upgrade - 12.3" Carriers


Possibly the best brake upgrade of all time. These caliper carriers come from the Audi TT / VW special edition models (20th/337/GLI) and allow you to easily upgrade your brakes on your 1.8T / VR6 MK4, and with a little extra doing on your late model MK3 VR6 12.3 Brake Install Late Model VR6 96+ Instructions , to 12.3". Here at the shop we swear by this kit for its simplicity and cost to performance ratio. There is simply no other option available that gives such a noticeable increase in braking performance for so little money, while at the same time being a direct bolt-on OEM upgrade.

If its time for you to change your pads and rotors, you're really missing out by not spending the little extra to increase your rotor diameter. You're already buying the pads and rotors, the additional cost of $175.99 (reg $295.00) is well worth it, and only while these limited supplies last.

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12.3 Brake Install Late Model VR6 96+ Instructions

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