It's been a tradition to carry on the legacy of the GLI model here at Black Forest Industries. While we have not had every generation, we have definitely done our part to keep the spirit alive and well with builds like our '04.5 MK4 Jetta GLI and our MK6 Diesel Punk Build, while not technically a GLI was thoroughly inspired by and offered as a 'what if' concept. This latest MK7 Jetta GLI has been generally well received in its stock form, with many left wondering just how much potential there is for the aftermarket to make this car shine even brighter. With momentum growing slowly, we're looking forward to adding a bit of fuel to this fire as we bring you along on the process of turning this respectable sedan into something much more menacing. 

Our initial plans for this red sled are to do many of the more common and more popular modifications most are familiar with. First and foremost, as with any good build, we will address the ride height and the wheels. We will be installing a set of H&R lowering springs which will compliment the DCC suspension that the car comes equipped with from the factory and allow us to maintain that functionality. Paired with those springs will be a set of 20" BBS wheels to help fill out the proportions of the ever ballooning size of today's modern cars. 

In addition to those mandatory changes, we will be initially doing intake, exhaust, and turbo plumbing modifications, as well as beta testing software from APR. Ultimately though, this car will be seeing a high horsepower, big turbo bolted to it with multi-port injection and E85 on our own proprietary software, as well as a planned AWD swap. This may sound optimistic, but follow along and watch us pull off what many just talk about. 


May 14, 2019