The Golf R Project

We began this journey as a quick makeover for our booth car at L'oe Show 2022. It got a bit out of hand. What started with Air Ride, tunes, intake, and exhaust; ended up at Custom Machining, bespoke prototype parts, and overnight taillights from....Texas. From the outset, there were some rules to this project: It must have Air Ride, and it must have 20" BBS LM Wheels.

The air ride portion of the build was relatively straightforward. We utilized MK7 Air Lift parts to fabricate a working MK8 Golf R air suspension setup. The BBS LM wheels would turn out to be a bit more tricky than we expected.

Though the offsets and widths are similar to the Mk7 platform, there wasn't a specified fitment for a MK8 Golf R with air suspension. With that in mind, it wasn't surprising that when we contacted BBS USA they didn't have any experience with a setup like this. The LM is available in a 50mm offset, but BBS USA had never imported a set, and it would take 8 months to get a set in the country. We were left with one option - a ET 38 offset BBS LM 273. 

With some cad drawings of the mounting pad of the wheel, we determined that it would be safe to machine the pad 6mm to change the offset to ET 44. So into the Haas VF3 they went, machining a brand new $7k set of wheels. We even re-cut the groove for the PFS ring so it would fit properly. It turns out ET 44mm was perfect, With the addition of some Falken Azenis tires we had our wheel fitment locked in...

With the suspension and wheels sorted we turned our attention to adding our MK8 specific engine mounts. While dimensionally the same as the MK7 MQB mounts (and mostly interchangeable) these MK8 specific mounts add hardware and have changes in structure. This allows for factory supplied parts like the engine side ground strap that is on every MK8 GTI and Golf R. While it's not necessary to use these mk8 specific mounts, it makes installation much easier because you don't have to modify any factory parts.

This DSG MK8 Golf R is the perfect platform to develop our BFI MK8 Replacement Shift paddles. So natrually we installed them in a black anodized variant and added the optional blue colored logo coins, since blue was the obvious choice to match the interior. These paddles are now available in both black anodized and clear anodized versions - with a second option of red or white painted inticators.

Like others, one of our biggest complaints about the MK8 DSG interior is the "chicken nugget" shift selector. We couldn't leave it alone so here is a sneak peak at our upcoming MK8 DSG Shift Selector Knob replacement.  After months of research and development, we found a design that works well with the factory mechanism and adds back that tangible feel of shifting gears with a knob instead of flicking a switch.

Factory "Nugget" Shifter

BFI MK8 DSG Shift Selector Knob

With the addition of Maxton Design aero parts, I.Q. taillights from BMP Tuning, and a critical addition of clear side markers from Urotuning - the MK8 was ready to make its debut! We unveiled the Golf R at L'oe Show '22 at our pop up store in Pottstown PA. If you haven't been to L'oe show, its a must attend event. L'oe Show happens every Labor Day weekend, in the center of Pottstown.

We were also proud to show it off at our own Oktoberfest - it looked fitting front and center at our show!

Of course we weren't done with the project, merely taking a break. Round two we decided to add Software, Cat-Back exhaust, and a pre-production carbon fiber intake from Unitronic.  The extra power from the Stage 1 tune, and the sweet sounds from the intake and exhaust, really round out the Golf R to a complete package:

And with that we feel we have made a complete project car

Of course, we still had places we needed to take this project MK8 R. First of which was naturally the tail of the dragon and Wookies in the Woods 2023. We encountered some weather along the way, but we think it looks great in the wet.

Wookies was a great time, and this is the perfect car for a show in the mountains. It's great at carving up corners, and airing it out with friends.

Wookies in the Woods and Alpine Volks Fair for that matter, are always a great experience, and this year was no exception. It's great to hang out with friends, re-connect, and drive mountain back roads looking for adventure and the next great photo shoot spot.

We were proud to show off this project at Eurotripper Alpine Volks Fair. The quality of cars at this show is unmatched, and we felt the MK8 Golf R fit right in.