Well a lot happened from May to July and we are just now getting to posting most of it  APR IS38 Turbo UPGRADE


First, as we have posted before, the car was at APR for most of that time, being treated to an upgraded IS38 (S3) turbo and DSG Software. APR had the car for so long because they were developing this software suite for the A3/GTI to use this IS38 turbo. We're sure they will release this to the public soon, but beyond our involvement we know nothing else of the timeline. But here is UA30 outside APR Headquarters:


And saying goodbye to the friends it made while there - Max R and a nice Stage3 3.0T SQ5:


The two software products teamed together with a downpipe and an intercooler made for some pretty impressive numbers - here is a quick video they took of an acceleration run:


and the P-box data to show how fast that run really was:


3.7 0-60 times are alright in our book - when the weather cools down a bit we will take this guy to the strip to see what kind of numbers we can put down in the 1320. We think this will be a great option for those with a GTI or A3 who don't want to spend a ton of money but want that extra umph of power up top. The car feels like a rocket ship from a standstill and on the highway.   Eurowise X BFI Exhaust After we picked the UA30 up from APR we went straight to Eurowise in Charlotte to work with them on a new exhaust system for the A3 and S3. These systems will have a number of features and options available, able to fit several different price points and will all be hand crafted and tig welded in-house by Eurowise. Here is an under-car view of the cat back on our UA30 - keep in mind this is a prototype and all finished exhausts will be polished after welding to remove any discoloration:


And a bit of tig while adding the tips:


This particular setup is a resonated, and valved version of the A3 exhaust - The valve works remotely via key fob actuator, and switching states back and forth open and close the open port on the exhaust to increase the sound. There will also be a non-resonated option, as well as a non-valved option for the A3. Here is a close look at the vacuum actuator:


And another look at the lovely welds from the guys at Eurowise:


The tips will come in several different finish options - Polished Stainless steel, Titanium finish and this Cerakote Satin black High-heat finish:

A3_Eurowise_exhaust_rear A3_Eurowise_single_side

These are 100m tips - we can also offer 76mm tips if you feel 4" is too big for the A3. The S3 version will have Quad 100mm tips, with the same finish options, and similar options for resonation and valving, but the main difference being that the S3 will also have an option for manual controled valves like with the A3, or to have the factory controlled valve operation, retaining your stock actuator motors.  All of the exhausts will be built to order - and we will have more info on the S3 version in the coming weeks, but if anyone has any questions about the system feel free to email me sales@blackforestindustries.com or send me a message.


BFI GS2 for DSG Again, this one is a prototype, but we are working on getting these ready to market as soon as possible. Though 70% of its parts are different, this knob shares the same look with our popular GS2 manual transmission knobs, but with fitments for all Auto/DSG transmission VAG cars (2005 +). Its tough to see from this photo, but the lever activation is done by lifting the knob up (instead of pulling a trigger, or pushing a button), and selection of gears is the same as any other dsg/auto knob: Video in action


April 23, 2015