It might be a little bit cliche to say it, but the new 3rd generation TSI 2.0T engines are much like Jekyl and Hyde when you compare stock with a chipped vehicle. The amount of torque these things make is immense, and with the power being distributed to all four wheels through a very capable DSG transmission, there aren't many cars on the road that can keep up. Our UA30 project has had APR's software installed since July, along with their Carbon Fiber Intake System. To date we've had not so much as even a hiccup from our Shiraz Red sedan which is now putting out over 316hp and 380ft lbs. In addition to our much enjoyed and monumental power increase we have added a few of our own, in-house developed products to keep our hardworking drivetrain firmly planted in place. Our Stage 1 Torque Arm Insert prevents excessive movement, as well as our prototype MK7 / MQB engine side complete replacement mount. We are very happy with how our R&D has been coming along with this forthcoming product and we are anticipating a release very soon.

DSC_4562 copy DSC_4569 DSC_4571 copy DSC_4577 copy

Below you can see that the A3 is successful in turning heads of those that may be more in the A4 / A5 demographic

DSC_4582 copy

Complementing our engine mounts, we have added our brand new BFI "Clean Catch" Crankcase Oil Separator - Essential Kit EK which helps prevent build up of harmful oil vapor on our intake valves. That build up can lead to poor running conditions, decreased fuel economy and a loss of power. We plan to have this A3 around for a good while and our Clean Catch is just extra insurance. To further upgrade the engine bay we have also nabbed an S3 Engine Cover, which is definitely an improvement over the lackluster stock version.

DSC_4606 copy strip2 DSC_4633 copy DSC_4628 copy DSC_4629 copy

Since we left off we have ditched the factory 18" multispokes for a set of BBS XA in 19" x 8.5". Their lightweight design and extra width allow for more stick, and better acceleration while giving the car a very OEM+ S3 look and many have even mistaken these for their factory dopplegangers.

DSC_4645 copy

Inside the cabin we have borrowed from the A3's bigger brother, the S3, and installed a thicker sportier, and all around nicer steering wheel. With the interior already feeling quite luxurious, this extra touch was just what our car was lacking to put it over the edge and really complete the look on the inside. We are also in the process of upgrading to the telescopic air vents, which may sound less than exciting, but their function is definitely noticeable once it comes time to control the climate inside.

DSC_4649 copy  Project UA30 Update - Shiraz A3

October 24, 2014