Return to Our Roots- History in Brief


Not very many people know that Black Forest Industries started life catering to cars with a roundel rather than a VW or ring badge on them, but it's true. Two of the three current owners first got sucked into the aftermarket scene by heavily modifying their E30, and E34 daily drivers. After a few years of difficulty sourcing hard to find European parts the idea of taking the task on as a formal company was hatched. By 2001 Black Forest Industries was importing a variety of German based parts, most notably Rieger Tuning body accessories, and distributing them in the U.S. solely as a virtual entity. After some personnel restructuring the company grew roots and opened a brick and mortar location run by four total partners with a definitive focus on VW / Audi aftermarket. To this day Black Forest Industries' main focus has been on the V.A.G brand, however the time has come for Black Forest Industries to make a return to it's roots. A look at the Rieger Tuning showroom on a trip to visit their impressive facility in 2003

A photo from one of the many meets we attended

Customer's E46

This photo (taken by Kevin Allen) was from an autocross event that was organized at an abandoned airport. The turnout consisted of a large variety of cars- mostly German manufacturers. This was the beginning of the transition into our VW / Audi focus and the current owners of Black Forest Industries. While we have been away from the motorsport arena for quite some time we are looking forward to getting involved again with the local chapters and participating more regularly with both BMW and VW/ Audi vehicles.

Soon after purchasing this MK3 the need for upgraded engine mounts was readily apparent. After a bit of trial and error , and drawing on suppliers from former employment we were able to launch our now ubiquitous line of MK3 engine mounts. Still to this day these are one our best selling products, and a product we credit with putting us on the tuning map. Our line of mounts is continually expanding and we are looking to filling out Audi and BMW fitments in the not too distant future.

As we continued to grow, our obsession with rare and different wheels led us to trying as many new things as we could, including this set of custom built Kodiak Racing Wheels on our MK4 test-bed vehicle. Our hands on experience gave us great insight not only for helping customers stay informed, but also for making product line decisions about the growing aftermarket. To this day we are still one of the best sources for rare and hard to find wheel accessories. Many of our current customers are already BMW owners- and soon we will have more specific BMW product offerings listed on the web-store as we expand.

We are now in an 11,000 sq ft location where we can comfortably service and upgrade vehicles, as well as stock a significant amount of replacement and performance parts for your vehicle. We have multiple full time technicians who were dealer trained and have extensive knowledge of both VW / Audi and BMW. As well, we have recently hired a service advisor with 16 years of experience to provide the level of service our customers expect. Our facilities are spacious and comfortable, and we offer internet access, refreshments and all the conversation our customers require.

To ensure we are able to offer the best service we are equipped with one of the best names in diagnostic software- Autologic. This high end communication device allows us to talk with your vehicle as if you were at the dealership, only for a fraction of the cost to you. We are also able to recode comfort and convenience modules to customize your vehicles most basic functions to suit your needs.

A look below as we recode a 335i.

In addition to our service offerings we have also begun stocking a wide range of JOM coilover kits for E30, E36, E46, E90, and E39 applications. These coilovers are extremely well priced starting at $449.00 and include a 2 year warranty. These are geared towards comfort and ideal for spirited street driving. The ride height adjustment allows you to fine tune your set up and dial things in as you desire. While they are not yet on the webstore we do have several sets of each in stock.

Feel free to contact us at or 919 468 5400 for more information regarding any and all of the above.

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