SEMA 2011- Event Coverage

Event Coverage

SEMA is to car lovers what Willy Wonka is to goofy British children from the early part of last century. Oddly enough that's just who you feel like when you're staring slack jawed at some of the creations that these people have come up with. It's mind boggling just how much money and time (=money) is spent on building these over the top vehicles in an attempt to stand out from the sizeable sea of metal and glass housed in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Not everyone was trying to stand out though as the unifying theme this year was the ubiquitous Rotiform wheel. Everywhere you turned there was some variation of one of their trendy new styles- not just on German or Asian cars, but domestic as well. You might call them the sugar to the candy because they looked sweet in almost every application. You can be sure we'd risk turning into a giant blueberry just to get our hands on the set from the RWG / Fatlace Porsche (the 1552 3-piece Tarmacs weren't so bad either).

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