When you're spending so much time, effort, and let's face it money on your wheel build / restoration, then it doesn't make any sense to cheap out when it comes to the sealant that keeps your wheels air tight.  The one thing every wheel builder hates is carefully torquing and sealing a wheel only to have it leak after the tire is mounted due to inferior quality adhesives. Now available at Black Forest Industries, Soudaseal 270HS Industrial Multi-piece Wheel Sealant will ensure that you only have to do the job once and it will be done right. This is the perfect formulation for bonding to aluminum surfaces giving the absolute best adhesion making for a completely air tight seal, preventing any leaks. We have had great success with Soudaseal's consistent application and performance across a variety of wheel parts, and this is our recommended multi-piece wheel adhesive.

*1 tube is sufficient for 2 sets of 4 wheels.* Imported direct from Belgium

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April 12, 2016