Southern Worthersee '12 Event Coverage

Event Coverage

Another successful year has come and gone for one of the best European shows out there, Southern Worthersee. While the show was not without incident, there were no more than could be expected- especially considering the immense growth from year to year. We commend all of the guys who worked to put on this event and ensure that it remains free to the people who attend. Notable highlights include: go kart burnout at the limbo contest, balcony DJ , carbon fiber deadmau5, Jamie from Orchid Euro and his sprinter van cameo at the Helendorf, Wendy's , Paul at Keffer VW serving people on the dance floor, the Old Bavarian, Showing up at Eurowise on Thursday before the show with neither of the two MK1 VR6 cars running- only to have them get them running and drive them to the show, and in general seeing all of our friends. We look forward to next year- until then here's a very brief look at this year's show.

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