Another Southern Worthersee is in the books, and despite the buzz, everyone made it out mostly unharmed.  That said, there is obviously a trend towards rowdiness and general disrespect for the town that is hosting the event, and it would come as no surprise to us if next year there is a significantly increased police presence, not unlike in Ocean City, and more specifically Waterfest of old. It's beginning to sound like a broken record at this point, but it's embarrassing to watch a few ignorant kids make the entire community look bad.

Aside from the littering, and destructive behavior, the daylight hours were pretty much business as usual. With over 90 vendors, there was something for everyone, and for those of you who did make it by our booth and pick up a little something to take home, we do truly appreciate your business. Your support means we can continue to be a part of events like these, which in turn helps keep the events themselves going.

For us, the show is a great time to catch up with friends and talk shop. This year, before we even had a chance to do any of that, we got a call on the way down to Helen from Jamie Orr at Orchid Euro. After giving him a hard time about making the trip in his untested MK2 Jetta limousine, his Sprinter van gave out on him instead. Not wanting to leave all of his precious Euro parts in the middle of nowhere, he politely asked us if we'd mind helping him retrieve his trailer. 60 miles later thorough the twisty mountain roads, our F350 was able to deliver the goods to Helen in time for Orchid to vend.  We are 100% certain he'd have done the same for us, and it's a good feeling knowing that there are people like Jamie in this community that are willing to go above and beyond, and who work hard to make it what it is.

Despite the chaos, we look forward to coming back again next year (assuming there is one). We just hope that with a little more crowd control, and some general sense of decency things can return to the way they once were. A shot from just outside our cabin as soon as we arrived in Helen


Our neighbors made a long 12 our journey up from South Florida in a Caddy and a Mk2. We give them much respect for that journey, and they obviously came prepared

DSC_7479 copy DSC_7484 copy DSC_7486 copy DSC_7493 copy DSC_7494 copy

Lending a hand to Orchid Euro.

DSC_7499 copy DSC_7502 copy

964s were very abundant this year

DSC_7517 copy

VW showing off a lot of blue, including the new Golf Sportwagen and Golf R somewhere in there

DSC_7526 copy DSC_7528 copy DSC_7529 copy DSC_7531 copy DSC_7532 copy DSC_7534 copy DSC_7535 copy DSC_7537 copy

Tanner Faust's drift machine

DSC_7538 copy DSC_7541 copy

The RWBeetle

DSC_7543 copy DSC_7545 copy DSC_7551 copy DSC_7552 copy DSC_7554 copy DSC_7557 copy DSC_7562 copy DSC_7563 copy DSC_7565 copy DSC_7567 copy

Sam Dobbins' MK7 made the trip, despite being rear ended a few days before

DSC_7571 copy DSC_7573 copy DSC_7574 copy DSC_7575 copy DSC_7578 copy DSC_7580 copy DSC_7586 copy DSC_7589 copy DSC_7591 copy

Possibly our favorite car at the show, and while its not technically a VAG product (or wasn't at the time) this 993 from Eurotrash Apparel is sporting a VR6 Turbo engine as well as an original, now our of production, BFI license plate frame :)

DSC_7593 copy DSC_7594 copy

Mental BMW i8

DSC_7597 copy DSC_7598 copy

See, we told you 964s were everywhere

DSC_7600 copy

Have to give this guy credit for his commitment

DSC_7601 copy DSC_7603 copy DSC_7605 copy DSC_7607 copy

Few shots from the MK1 meet up by the Subway on top of the hill

DSC_7609 copy DSC_7611 copy DSC_7614 copy DSC_7615 copy DSC_7616 copy DSC_7619 copy DSC_7621 copy DSC_7622 copy

Always a favorite

DSC_7623 copy

The town of Helen is very supportive. Still don't get why people want to take advantage of their hospitality.

DSC_7624 copy

Shot of our booth setup with our A3 and MK7.

DSC_7626 copy DSC_7627 copy DSC_7628 copy DSC_7630 copy DSC_7631 copy DSC_7635 copy DSC_7637 copy DSC_7638 copy DSC_7641 copy DSC_7642 copy DSC_7653 copy DSC_7659 copy DSC_7663 copy DSC_7667 copy DSC_7677 copy DSC_7682 copy DSC_7686 copy DSC_7687 copy DSC_7690 copy DSC_7691 copy

Eurowise stopped by to drop off a few VR6 thermostat housings as well as their 964

DSC_7692 copy

This shot pretty much sums up the diversity there

DSC_7696 copy DSC_7699 copy DSC_7700 copy DSC_7702 copy DSC_7707 copy DSC_7708 copy

VIP Style

DSC_7712 copy DSC_7713 copy

And the always popular MK3 built by Eric Cash

DSC_7720 copy

See ya next year. SoWo - Southern Worthersee 2015

May 19, 2015