The Royal Treatment

Most customers dream about the day they can drop off their vehicle with us and run through our warehouse like it was "Toys 'R Us" on a wild shopping spree. For our long time customer Brent Lupia that dream became a reality this week when he walked in and instructed us to install all of our coolest toys on his '06 MK5 GTI. Among his to do list were: APR Stage 3 Turbo Kit, Eurospec 14" Big Brake Upgrade (largest available), B&G RS2 Coilovers, C2 Motorsports DSG Flash, and a Peloquin DSG LSD. We set aside three full days to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and that we were able to deliver the car ready to be beaten on as Bret is prone to doing. The initial pile of goodies

Intake manifold removed to install higher flow injectors included in the APR Stage 3 kit. Note the build-up of carbon and oil in the intake tract- further supporting the need for the Clean Catch.

The beauty of the parts installed is in the fact that they are all very well engineered from the get go allowing us to be able to confidently hand this car over in such a short time frame knowing it will perform as expected. A final look at everything all buttoned up and ready to be delivered

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