The Christmas season is always our favorite time of year. A chill in the air, a bit of snow (if we are lucky), time with family and the cheer of the holidays to propel us towards the end of the year. It is the season for gifts, treats and new parts from BFI! Though many of our project cars may be tucked away for the winter, it gives us the time to focus on new projects, and perfecting (finishing) previous ones. Like our Shiftmas celebration last year, we are starting off the holiday season with some new merch, new color concepts, and an old favorite - with new versions. 

New For The Holiday Season


For a limited time, we are re-introducing the OE style fabric pillows that were so popular last Shiftmas! We have expanded our selection of both VW and BMW fabrics to include more generations of each marque. 

For VW fans we have added the gradient orange MK1 Pirelli pattern, as well as blue and green options of the MK3  Flag pattern. A red stripe 337 Recaro pattern spices things up and we round out the new patterns with the MK7/MK8  TCR Red. Of course we are still offer the MK6/MK7 tartan plaid options as well 0 even a Harlequin 4-color plaid (like we used for Jamie Orr's Harlequin Atlas).

For BMW fans we have added M-Tech, M-Cross, and M-Hurricane to the existing M-Rain we introduced last year. 

These will be available for a just a limited time, so don't miss out on this opportunity to add a bit of comfort to your backseat, or a bit of style to your couch!

These MK4 337 (25th anniversary in Europe) edition pillows are made with OE recreation fabric that matches the original Red stripe Recaro seats.

A popular fabric in Europe, and one that made its first appearance in the US with the 1997 "Drivers Edition" GTI (then used in all 4 colors in 1998 GTI Versions), this Flag Fabric is a classic pattern that looks great as a Pillow or a seat!

We have expanded our collection of BMW fabrics to include the M-Cross fabric (shown above) as well as the original M-tec fabrick as well as the M-Hurricane pattern to go with our first M-rain pillows

New Merch.

We've always loved a good hoodie. But for some reason we have never made a BFI pullover before. Well that all ends now, with our premium black/gray BFI pullover. Made from 9.5 oz cotton blend these are heavy enough to get you through a cold winter night!  In addition to the hoodie we are introducing the latest in our color tree series - the BFI Green Tree t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton these t-shirts are as comfortable as they are good looking!

New Coins, New Colors.

add another layer of customization with these color concept crest coins. Available in 4 new colors - Yellow, Green, Royal Blue and light Orange. Available for sale individually  you can dramtically change the look of your BFI GS1, GS2 or GSB shift knob with one of these coins. Adding to our chrome, red and black versions there are now 7 colors to choose from! Customize your BFI shift knob to match your interior or your mood.

Stamped from stainless steel and enamel painted, these coins will last every bit as long as your shift knob!

This green is the same pistachio green we used in our Harlequin edition shift knobs .

This royal blue matches the blue shift paddle coins available for all BFI Shift paddles

A strong but light yellow - looks great as a crest coin color - we were most skeptical of how this would turn out, but we love it!