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TTRS In The Shop Today

We had the pleasure of installing a host of upgrades on this immaculate MK3 TTRS recently.  We bolted on the majority of APR's catalog to transform this already capable car into a rocket.  In addition to APR's parts, we also installed a Forge UK intercooler, and some of the very first BFI Performance Engine Mounts to help put all that power to the ground.  Take a look below and check out just some of the fun that we had with this amazing car! 

APR Exhaust System

Catted Midpipes 

The APR Race DP and Midpipes are the ultimate exhaust upgrade for the Audi 2.5 TFSI EVO! This system is sold in multiple configurations and is completely compatible with every component in the factory exhaust system, allowing you to customize the exhaust to your desire. We upgrade various components, which allow for better turbocharger response and power delivery, while delivering an enhanced 5 cylinder symphony you’ll love! Expect only the best components and highest quality and manufacturing techniques, and to fully enjoy the full system, get the APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade at no charge over APR Stage 1/1+ with the included free upgrade code!

APR Downpipe

The APR Race DP features a port-matched outlet connected to a smooth, 4” continuous-radius cast-bend, with an ultra-smooth cast-Y that splits the system into a dual 2.5” exhaust path. In contrary, the factory DP has a sharp transition exiting the turbo, which dumps directly into a massive and hot catalyst that keeps your engine bay toasty. From there the system splits into kinked piping, with less than ~2” of diameter on one side and ~2.3” on the other. The factory system wasn’t designed with ultimate performance in mind like our system.

The combination of these two parts not only sounds amazing, but also gives an incredible and noticeable boost in power that makes the price well worth it.  The instant you jump in and press the go pedal you know that you've made a great decision to improve your 2.5T vehicle. 

Forge FMIC

The TTRS core is a huge 640x250x100 and of bar and plate design. This gives it a huge 56% more surface area than stock, and an even more impressive 94% increase in volume. The end tanks are made with integrated pipes in order to retain the stock boost hoses, though you can also replace the hoses with our FMKT024 boost hose set if you so wish. Just like on the 8V chassis, we supply a genuine Audi TTRS crash bar which we modify in house in order to accept the new larger core, then finish both the crash bar and core in our standard black crackle finish powder coat for maximum longevity.

APR Inlet + Intake 

The APR Turbocharger Inlet System outflows the factory components by up to 45%. This is achieved through elimination of the most critical restriction in the entire intake system, the turbocharger inlet pipe. Because of this restriction, no intake airbox / filter design can physically match the gains achieved by upgrading to the APR Turbo Inlet System alone. This is the first step one should take when upgrading their intake system and paves the way for even more gains.

Adding the optional APR Intake Filter to the APR Turbocharger Inlet system completely transforms the system from subtle to extreme. Their massive 9” long cotton filter with frontal opening connects to a 6” carbon fiber inlet tube that gradually necks down to the 4” back tube. You will hear every ounce of the 5-cylinder turbocharger system’s massive demand for airflow, and you’ll do so at a 60% CFM improvement over stock! 

BFI Engine Mounts 

Keep It Planted. 

Our new engine and transmission mount package will dramatically improve how connected your engine feels to your RS vehicle, greatly improving acceleration as well as shifting. In addition, the car will feel more stable under braking and deceleration because there will be limited energy transfer.

It cannot be stated strongly enough that these overlooked parts will transform the way your car feels and performs, much more so than other common modifications such as an intake and cat-back exhaust system.

Available as a complete kit, we offer a solution for all three of your engine mounts,

Engineered To Perform. Built To Last.

Machined from solid billet aluminum, these mounts are designed from the ground up to far surpass the notoriously weak factory cast housings. We eliminate the hyrdaulic fluid and rubber bushings to provide a much more solid part.

OEM+ quality fit and finish makes the installation process a breeze. We've taken great care to carefully reproduce all necessary mount points and bosses to ensure all hoses and lines mount as they should.

Not only are these easy to install, but they also look amazing in your engine bay, almost as if there were meant to be there from the very beginning. You can feel confident in your purchase as we stand behind our products and are positive that they will hold up to whatever you can throw at them, lasting the life of your car. If for any reason you have any issues just contact us and we can get you sorted. 

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