Introducing the GSB Universal

A common question we get about our shift knobs is if they can be adapted to vehicles other than VW/Audi, MINI/BMW, and Porsche. And while there is no perfect solution to fit all vehicles, we opted to make a GSB that fits most threaded shift lever applications.  After months of research and development, we are excited to bring you our first Universal GSB shift knob. With its steel upper portion and aluminum lower, shifting effort is substantially reduced while feel is greatly improved. Simply put, better shifting you can feel. With quality being of the utmost importance with any of our products, we only use the highest quality OEM materials.

Giving you the choice of Napa leather or Alcantara to pair with your choice of finish, Machined, Clear Anodized, or Black Anodized. With our ever-expanding material and color catalog, the potential combinations seem endless, giving each and every shift knob the unique characteristics of a custom build. Through our utilization of a threaded adapter kit, our Universal GSB is designed to work with just about any manual threaded shift lever.

Included Metric Adapters:

8mm x 1.25
10mm x 1.25
10mm x 1.5
12mm x 1.25
12mm x 1.5
12mm x 1.75

Included Standard Adapters:


GSB Napa Leather

Wrapping the top is Napa leather, soft to the touch but with good wear resistance and durability. Color options include Black, Gray, Magma Red, Rosso Red, Maritime Blue, and Giallo Taurus Yellow.

Machined Finish

Clear Anodized

Black Anodized

GSB Alcantara

Wrapped in the most supple Alcantara ultrasuede fabric, these knobs are as quality as it gets. The material is rewarding to the touch and each shift will put a smile on your face. Color options include Black, Charcoal, Gray, Red, Blue, and Orange. 

Machined Finish

Clear Anodized

Black Anodized

GSB (CAE Shifter Fitment)

In addition to our Universal GSB, we are happy to now offer a GSB specifically designed to fit the CAE Shift lever as a replacement for the supplied knob. With a specific adapter for the M12x1.75 thread pitch on the CAE Shifter, these are a direct upgrade that will improve the feel and weight of each throw of the CAE shifter. We were happy with the final result, and think you will be too...

Napa Leather